Friday, September 4, 2009

Group Shots

Here are some great examples of group shots from a few of our clients - the top one comes from Diana Cooke at Cooke's Fine Photography in Bishop, CA. Note the triangular composition of faces, which is much more pleasing than a police line-up-like horizontal row. On the bottom left is a piece of Fred Molesworth's work, out of Encore Photography in Salem, OR. Fred squeezes in 15 people in our background, using three separate levels—the floor, unspecified (and apparently backless) stools, and for the three young men in the back, their own two feet. In addition, Fred disguises poles, cords, lights, and other distracting elements by simply and selectively burning in the edges. Bottom right is another triangular composition from Jim Wham, of The Dalles, which is also in the Beaver State. Here he uses a bean-bag sort of thing to help create different levels.

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