Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

In this picture our prolific friend Jan Lundberg blends a couple of different technologies - the three-dimensional composition of 3D28 (Atlantis) and an on-site printer with digital overlay capabilities. The result is a multi-layered image that can be created in moments in a comparatively small area. We suspect that perhaps the technology of fermenting grain and/or fruit may have also contributed something to this photograph.

Senior Portrait Artists - Las Vegas

Dad (a.k.a. "David") and I spent the first Saturday of 2009 driving nine hours from the Dozens of Muslins headquarters in northern California to the westernmost fringes of Las Vegas, where the Red Rock Resort lies, for this year's Senior Portrait Artists conference. It was to be a historical event - DoM's first-ever trade show, and neither of us knew what to expect. The resort was the size of a small town, and after several trips up and down the wrong escalator, and back and forth through the hotel's hallways, which were about a half-mile long, we got settled in. We checked out our booth, which was at the end of a central aisle, next to the folks from DNL Photo Packaging. That's their 8x10 Signature Color Box in the bottom left, with the Reversible Aqua/Chocolate Ribbon. The show was great - we don't talk to many people beyond our UPS driver so it was great to get out into the world and make some friends. And we actually got to see what several of our clients look like!
We also managed a couple of trips into Red Rock Canyon to hike, explore, and for Dad to shoot. These pictures are from the Calico Hills area of the park - rusted iron in the rocks gives everything its red color.

Special thanks to everybody who made it a great trip. In no particular order the folks from: DNL Photo Packaging, Madcamp Backgrounds, Burrell Colour Imaging, Denny Manufacturing, BWC Photo Imaging, H&H Color Labs, the Maheus, Back to Back Design Works, Read Photography, Cripe Photography, SunWest Studios, On Broadway Photography, Dunlap Photography, and Inter-State Studios.

Booth photo: F4, 1/60, ISO 1600. Red rocks: F8, 1/200, ISO 500. B&W shot of me: F7.1, 1/200, ISO 500.