Friday, January 29, 2010


We're looking forward to seeing all our friends at the Bay Area's February meeting of the Association of Minority Professional Photographers. Please call us at 510-525-1715 for details. We'll carpool.

Mourning the Loss of a Namesake

This is background 3D65 (DJ Salinger), which we had painted in the midst of our authors' names series. The image itself bears little connection to Salinger - as a nonagenerian New Hampshire recluse, we doubt he frequented many night clubs. We don't have any boulevards, parks, or mountains to name for him, so this scene will have to stand as our tribute to this literary giant. We'll always be grateful for his gifts of Holden, the bananafish, et al.

Coming Soon to an iPad Near You!

Well, we've started on You Tube, but the sky's the limit. Or the iPad. Tempted? See how easy it is to use our backgrounds by clicking on our less-than-two-minute video (hey, we're all victims of some form or other of ADD). Click here as we try to match in viewers the number of round-trippers hit by local ex-hero steroid-denyer Barry Bonds. Lovingly and appropriately scored by songwriter Brian Wilson, our YouTube video affords you the opportunity to 'Dance, Dance, Dance" while learning how to "Photograph, Photograph, Photograph."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Postcard Suggestion

James Burke of Burke Photos in Marquette, Michigan found out how easy it is to create a low-cost mailing that he hopes will bring him more dance business.

While we can't do the mailing for you we're happy to provide jpegs that you're welcome to use in making your own. Thanks for sharing, James. May this winter and spring bring us all lots of dances!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Senior Portrait Artists 2010

We kicked the new year off with a drive down to San Diego for Senior Portrait Artists to display our wares and get a little fresh sea air. It was a little strange for us to be in upper-seventies heat in January, but stranger for others - we breakfasted one day with a gentleman from Minnesota who noticed it was -17 back home. I don't imagine he was looking forward to the close of the show. Here are a few shots from the conference - our booth, the hotel, and Teddy Perez, my brother-in-law, whose company is contracted to clean the windows of the high-rises across the way.

Client Tip - Posing Menu

Sherrie Schouten won our first client tip competition with this posing menu. Here she writes about her process:

"I came up with this Posing Guide years ago to help make the lines go faster. The kids could pick their pose and that would make them feel like they had some control. Since then, I take two poses and let them look at both...and they choose which one they like best. By the time I've deleted the unwanted image, we are ready to photograph the next couple."